Magical unicorns for your birthday party

Is there anything more magical than a unicorn themed birthday party? Unicorn parties are fun for both children and adults because of their magical appearance and bright colors. Let’s talk about how to throw a unicorn party that everyone will remember, from the invitations to the decorations, games and treats.

1. Unicorn themed invitations

An invitation is the first step into the magical world of unicorns. Send out beautiful unicorn themed invitations to set the mood for your party. You can purchase invitations made with rainbow-colored unicorns, or create your own with glitter, stickers and magical designs.

2. Unicorn balloons and streamers

With a bunch of unicorn balloons and streamers you can transform your party space into a magical place. Fill the room with pastel-colored balloons with unicorn images and glittery metallic accents. Spread unicorn-themed streamers and banners across the walls and ceiling to make the atmosphere even more magical.

3. Magical plates, cups and cutlery

For a magical celebration, set the table with unicorn-themed plates, cups and forks. If you want to shine, opt for disposable plates and cups with unicorn graphics and iridescent finishes. Matching napkins and tablecloths complete the look and make the meal feel like a royal feast.

4. DIY unicorn flower arrangements

Create your own unicorn flower arrangement to add a touch of natural beauty to your party decorations. Buy a bouquet with different flowers in pastel colors such as blue, pink and lavender. Place them in a container that resembles a unicorn horn or a sparkling vase to create a magical centerpiece that will amaze your guests.

5. Unicorn themed party games

There are plenty of unicorn-themed board games and activities to keep the magic alive. For hours of fun, organize a unicorn scavenger hunt, a unicorn ring toss, or a pin the horn on the unicorn game. For creative fun, you can also set up a unicorn coloring page or a temporary tattoo stand.

6. Guests with unicorns

Bring a little magic to your guests by giving unicorns as party favors. Wrap rainbow-colored candies, unicorn stickers and small plush unicorns in gift bags or boxes to give away as snacks. For an extra special touch, you can add things like unicorn slime or friendship bracelets that you make yourself.

7. Capture memories with unicorn props

A unicorn themed photo booth, complete with magical props, is a great way to make memories that will last a lifetime. Set out various unicorn masks, headbands and wands for people to pose for. Create a backdrop for your photos with rainbows, clouds and stars that are perfect for Instagram and show how magical the day is.

8. Dessert table with unicorn cake

At least one beautiful unicorn cake should be the star of the unicorn party dessert table. Add pastel icing, edible glitter and a pretty unicorn horn to the cake to make it look pretty. To give the party a sweet ending, serve a variety of unicorn-themed treats, such as cupcakes, cookies, and cake pops, on top of the cake.

9. Brighten up the venue

Unicorn string lights create a magical atmosphere with their soft glow. To add a fun touch, you can hang them around your party space or above a table. You can also use them to illuminate outdoor areas such as your garden or terrace, and organize romantic parties under the stars in the evening.

10. Unicorn pinata brings magic to life

With a unicorn pinata you can add some fun and surprise to your party. Place different candies, toys and other small objects in it to make it look like a fun treasure chest. Guests should try to open one piñata at a time to release the magic inside.

11. Unicorn banners and flags

Create magic outside and bring the magic inside with unicorn banners and flags. To create a nice atmosphere, hang them on a tree, fence or pergola. For extra magic, you can also sprinkle your lawn with unicorn decorations or bouncy castles.

12. Unicorn decorations

Throwing a unicorn party doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. Look for inexpensive ways to decorate, such as DIY projects, store finds, or things you already have around the house that you can use in new ways. To add extra sparkle to your party without spending a lot of money, you can get creative with inexpensive items such as tissue paper, cardboard and glitter.


Use a little imagination and creativity to turn your birthday party into a magical journey through the magical land of unicorns. With adorable decorations, fun games, and delicious food, a unicorn themed party is sure to leave a lifetime of memories for everyone who attends.


1. Can I make my unicorn themed party invitations more unique?

Of course! Many online stores have customization options so you can add information about your party or even create your own design.

2. Is unicorn cake difficult to make?

They may look difficult to make, but there are plenty of tutorials and cake decorating kits available to help you create your own unicorn masterpiece at home.

3. Where can I find Unicorn Party Games?

You can buy already made unicorn party games online, or you can make your own unicorn party games using some simple items and your imagination.

4. What are some alternatives to unicorn decorations that won’t break the bank?

Consider DIY projects that use inexpensive materials such as fabric, paper and cardboard. You can also find inexpensive decorative items at discount stores or find new uses for things you already have around the house.

5. How long before my party should I start planning a unicorn theme?

You should start planning at least a few weeks in advance so that you have time to arrange decorations, plan events, and send out invitations.

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